Lawn Care Hudson, WI

Spring is a joyous time of the year! Call Grass Master today to make sure your grounds are prepped and looking its best for the new year!

Spring is one of the most joyous times of the year!  We have all spent months cooped up inside for the winter and are in need of some sunshine and warm weather!  Your lawn and plantings feel the same way!

Yards especially, in this part of the country can take a real beating over the winter.  From squirrels and small critters burying nuts to twigs and branches that have fallen to pet remains that have accumulated over the winter months; every Hudson and River Falls lawn needs a spring clean up!

The Grass Master Lawn Care team has the equipment and enthusiasm to get your grounds in tip-top shape once the snow is gone!  We can efficiently and effectively remove and dispose of any debris that has collected over winter.  We can dethatch your yard to remove winter mold and thatch build up to promote healthy re-growth of your lawn.  And we can recommend and apply the proper Spring season fertilizer and herbicide treatments to ensure a healthy and vigorous start for your lawn in the new year!

Call Grass Master today for a no pressure consultation and free estimate.  Our quality driven and affordable services can be purchased as package deals or as individual services catered to meet your specific needs.

Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control LLC. is dedicated to outstanding customer satisfaction!  We achieve this by delivering an outstanding product through utilizing leading industry practices with top quality products and materials.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve!  Grass Master; The MASTER, on ALL Grounds!!