Calcium carbonate, commonly in the form of limestone, should be applied to lawns as a means balancing the acidity and alkalinity of your soils pH.

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The measurement stands for the potential of hydrogen in water, as acidity is affected by the number of available hydrogen ions in a solution, including soil. Soil with a higher pH is more alkaline, whereas soil with a lower pH is more acidic.

In your lawn, acidic soils are considered “sour,” while alkaline soils are known as “sweet.” As a rule, turf grasses prefer sweeter soils and will not perform well in highly acidic growing conditions. Since many soils are naturally acidic, the earth may need serious amendment before turf grasses will flourish. Calcium carbonate is a great way to increase the sweet (alkalinity) in your lawn!

Ideally, the best time to amend the soil is when first planting your turf grass, but as this is not always possible, you can apply it as a top-dressing to a pre-existing lawn in the fall or early spring. For greater penetration into the soil, it is recommended to apply directly after aerating your soil!

Your turf grass is only going to perform as good as the soil conditions it is growing in will allow. Fertilizers alone will not provide the conditions necessary for a strong-healthy turf grass. Ensuring your soil (the base!) is right and balanced first, is the best investment you can make for your turf grass!

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