Thatch is the accumulation of living and dead grass stems, leaf and twig debris and winter mold found at that base of your lawn which is detrimental to the health and well being of your grass!

Some thatch is good for your yard as it breaks down it can add nutrition to the root systems of your lawn, strengthening your turf.  Too much thatch, however, chokes your lawn and blocks vital nutrients, water and oxygen from reaching the root systems of your turf.

Power raking, also known as de-thatching, will remove excess thatch build-up from your lawn, encouraging new growth at the very bottom of the grass stems restoring health and vigor to your turf!  Every lawn requires seasonal de-thatching to remain healthy and vigorous.  The best time to de-thatch is in spring after the snow is gone, but should not be done while the soil is still wet and soft, to avoid pulling up new spring growth by the roots.  De-thatching, however, is beneficial to your lawn at any time throughout the season.

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