Grass Master’s Lawn Application Programs:

Grass Master has put together Lawn Application Programs to be tailored to meet your lawn’s specific needs. All programs are custom quoted to the square footage of your property. 

All fertilizer applications used in each program are premium Lesco commercial grade slow release granular fertilizers. All weed control applications are premium quality liquid herbicides with a surfactant included. 

Please review the Application Programs below. Call or email today with questions, concerns or for your FREE customized quote!


The Silver Lawn Application Program is for the homeowner that wishes to keep unsightly broadleaf weeds at bay, especially during spring when dandelions are popping up everywhere. You want some nice green grass but understand that during those dog days of a hot dry summer, you may lose some of the plush dark green color. You’re okay with that because you know you are feeding your lawn what it needs to remain healthy and come fall will provide your turf the essential nutrients it needs to make it through winter.  Silver Program includes 6 applications in 4 rounds, price starting at $199.95 for the entire program. Applications include:

  • Premium Lesco slow release granular fertilizer early spring
  • Premium Crabgrass preventative early spring
  • Premium liquid 3-Way weed control spring
  • Premium liquid Surge weed control late spring
  • Premium Lesco slow release granular fertilizer early summer
  • Premium Lesco slow release granular fertilizer (winterizer) late fall


The Gold Lawn Application Program client wants every benefit from the Silver Lawn Program, but isn’t so “okay” with losing the lush dark green color of his lawn in the late summer months. This homeowner not only wants to keep weeds at bay, but also desires a nice green lawn throughout the entire growing season. To accomplish this, the Gold Lawn Program will provide 2 more applications mid summer; an additional weed control application for those really stubborn weeds and an additional slow release granular fertilizer to provide the nitrogen your lawn needs to stay green! This Gold Round Application is highly recommended for those clients that irrigate their lawns, as they will see the most significant benefit from this round. Our Gold Round clients are our happiest clients! The Gold Program upgrade includes 8 applications administered in 5 rounds, prices starting at $284.95 includes the upgrade from Silver for only an additional $85 for the Gold!!. Applications include:

  • All rounds administered in the Silver Application Program, plus:
  • Premium liquid Surge weed control mid-summer
  • Premium Lesco slow release granular fertilizer mid-summer

Thank you for visiting Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control, please review our Fertilizers and Weed Control pages to learn about the benefits and timing of each of the applications mentioned here in our programs. Please call or email today for your custom quote! Do YOU Have The Master?!?