Plantscaping in Hudson and River Falls, WI


What is Plantscaping?  Plantscaping is designing, selecting and installing the perfect combination of colors, textures and fundamental conditions when adding plant life to your Hudson, River Falls landscape and property.

It is imperative that species of plants and trees are selected with concerns to the soil composition, light exposure, drought tolerance, mature size, color and texture of the planting and its surrounding environment when deciding on beutiful living additions to compliment your landscape.  It may seem overwhelming when thinking of all the variables one has to consider when planning to incorporate perennial beds, shrubs and trees onto your property and into your landscape.

At the BHL Company, it is a pleasure to consider all the elements!  Boulder Hills Landscaping LLC. is educated and experienced, employing expert horticulturists and nurserymen to ensure that the trees and perennials selected for your project are A+ quality and will thrive and flourish in their environment!

The BHL Company is constantly studying current trends in modern landscaping as well as continuing education through CEU courses and seminars to stay educated and aware of current and proper industry practices as well as advancements in science and technology.

With an innovative and creative mind, combined with enthusiasm for plantscape creation, the Boulder Hills Company of Hudson and River Falls can’t wait to get growing on a customized plantscaping project just for you!