Over-Seed for More Green!!

Lawn problemsThe means and ways with which lawns may become damaged or develop brown spots can be extensive; and the methods and effort to repair or re-grow  those brown spots can be exhausting!

Determining the cause of your damaged yard may be as simple as looking at our beloved, yet non-discriminating, four-legged friends!  Or, there may be more to it!

Soil types, sun exposure, grass type, thatch build up, salt damage, pets, water frequency and absorbtion are just a few causes that may be effecting the appearance of your lawn.

Grass Master can detect the source of your problem and determine a course of action to deter further and continued damage.  That’s just the start though!  Matching the correct grass type to create a seamless blend with your existing lawn may require expertise.

The Grass Master lawn experts of Hudson and River Falls, can determine and select the correct seed combinations to fix lawn damage and offer insight to prevent any further damage to your lawn!

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