Crabgrass:                                          crabgrass

Crabgrass is an annual plant which, when conditions are right, can germinate throughout an entire growing season capable of producing 150,000 seeds per season.  The seeds germinate in the late spring and early summer and will out-compete weaker domesticated turf grass in areas that are under fertilized, water lightly and poorly drained.

Crabgrass emergence is not the cause of poor lawn health, but rather a symptom.

The greatest defense against Crabgrass is a strong, healthy turf to compete against as   Crabgrass3reemergence will persist without optimal fertilization and proper watering.

Crabgrass dies off in autumn and requires open conditions, or week turf areas, to reemerge in the spring.  A good Crabgrass preventative herbicide along with a spring fertilization program is the most effective way to prevent Crabgrass before it emerges.  Crabgrass2

Please remember, no matter what species of weed we are dealing with, maintaining a healthy strong turf in Hudson and River Falls through proper turf mowing, fertilization and herbicide applications and appropriate watering is the best and most effective means in controlling all weeds.  Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control is the leader in helping you become the MASTER on YOUR grounds!!