Spurge:                            Spurge

Spurge is an annual plant that grows close to the ground producing tiny, pinkish flowers, fruit, stems and hairy leaves often forming a dense mat.  Broken stems and branches secrete a milky, poisonous sap which can irritate the skin and eyes.

All spurges reproduce by seed, and creeping spurge also can produce roots along the stem, creating new plants vegetatively.  Spurges do not like competition and can produce thousands of seeds from a single plant.  These seeds can remain dormant over winter and germinate when conditions are right in the spring. Spurge3

Spurge will overgrow sparse turf areas and low-growing ground covers, invade open areas in landscapes and grow seemingly right out of concrete sidewalks.

The primary method of managing spurge is prevention, since controlling these weeds is very difficult once plants have established themselves.  One of the best control measures for spurge in turf is to maintain a healthy, strong turf. When open areas develop in turf due to stress, disease, lack of fertility, insects, or abuse, light penetrates to the soil surface, allowing spurge to germinate.

Pre-emergent herbicides can help prevent spurge outbreaks in the spring.  Once a plant is Spurge2established, extraction and non selective herbicide applications is most effective followed by a pre-emergent herbicide application in the fall to kill remaining seedlings.

Please remember, no matter what species of weed we are dealing with, maintaining a healthy strong turf in Hudson and River Falls through proper turf mowing, fertilization and herbicide applications and appropriate watering is the best and most effective means in controlling all weeds.  Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control is the leader in helping you become the MASTER on YOUR grounds!!