Pennywort:                   Dollarweed                                     

Pennywort, or Dollarweed as it is sometimes referred, is a warm season perennial weed which thrives in weak, thin turf with excessive moisture.

The first defense against Pennywort is to modify the moisture levels if possible, by adjusting the irrigation regimen and or allowing more sun light into an area through minimizing branch cover.

Pre-emergent herbicide applications are effective in controlling Pennywort, while post emergent herbicide applications are only effective on young plants.

Please remember, no matter what species of weed we are dealing with, maintaining a Dollarweed2healthy strong turf in Hudson and River Falls through proper turf mowing, fertilization and herbicide applications and appropriate watering is the best and most effective means in controlling all weeds.  Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control is the leader in helping you become the MASTER on YOUR grounds!!