Wild Violet:                             Wild Violet3

Wild violet is a cool season, perennial, broadleaf weed. It is one of the first plants to flower in spring, growing well during cool parts of the growing season, and is usually found in shaded, moist areas.

Established colonies of wild violets are very drought tolerant, due to fleshy underground stems called rhizomes that store water and allow the plants to survive dry conditions as they spread out into colonies though these rhizomes.

Wild Violet

Controlling wild violets in a lawn or landscape can be a difficult challenge, and will certainly require more than one herbicide application before it is accomplished.

Fall is the best time of the year to control wild violets as spring or summer applications will only burn back the leaf tissue and the plants will regenerate.

Because violets have such a waxy leaf surface causing herbicides to quickly run off the leaf, adding a spreader-sticker product to the herbicide mixture will result in better adhesion of the herbicide to the leaf surfaces, resulting in better control.   Wild Violet2

Please remember, no matter what species of weed we are dealing with, maintaining a healthy strong turf in Hudson and River Falls through proper turf mowing, fertilization and herbicide applications and appropriate watering is the best and most effective means in controlling all weeds.  Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control is the leader in helping you become the MASTER on YOUR grounds!!