Creeping Charlie:                        Creeping Charlie

Also known as ground ivy, Creeping Charlie is a broadleaf perennial plant that spreads by seed and by creeping stems that are difficult to control.  In spring, small, bluish-purple, funnel-shaped flowers appear.  Creeping Charlie 3

Creeping Charlie thrives in moist, shady spots such as under trees and shrubs, and along the north sides of buildings.  If possible, improve soil drainage or water less frequently as to dry the soil, and prune trees to open the canopy to increase sun exposure.  If creeping Charlie is invading a thin lawn, improving the health of your turf through fertilization and over-seeding is the best means of control.

The most effective means of controlling Creeping Charlie is with a post-emergenceCreeping Charlie2 broadleaf herbicide applied in the spring.

Please remember, no matter what species of weed we are dealing with, maintaining a healthy strong turf in Hudson and River Falls through proper turf mowing, fertilization and herbicide applications and appropriate watering is the best and most effective means in controlling all weeds.  Grass Master Lawn Care & Grounds Control is the leader in helping you become the MASTER on YOUR grounds!!